Children camp “Ak-Bylak”

Dear parents!

We offer to your attention children camp “Ak-Bylak” , which is located 10 km higher than Talgar city in the picturesque place Zailyskiy Alatau. Picturesque views, fresh mountain air and sun create ideal condition for leisure and improvement of your children’s health.
The camp could accept a shift up to 80 persons from 8 to 14 years old.
Accommodation in spacious, light and comfortable rooms. There 4 persons in 1 room.
The duration of 1 shift is 10 days.
The camp is equipped with entertainment and sport constructions which are pointed to active leisure.

football field
Volleyball grounds
Basketball grounds
кортtennis court
Ice arena
Swimming pool
Horse complex
aerial cableway
table tennis

Staying in hotel will turn into a unique and unforgettable holiday for children: time spending in sport sections, excursions, plays in the fresh air, creative-team plays, cinema, discos, campfires and lots other things to do. This will leave warm memories and lots of pleasant experiences.

Day regimen :
08.00 rise
08.15 morning toilet
08.30 morning exercise
09.00 breakfast
09.30 health promotion program, playing outdoors, active plays
13.00 dinner
14.00 day dreaming
16.00 lunch
16.15 interesting activites, outdoors plays, team-creative plays.
19.00 supper
20.00 command time, evening activities.
21.00 disco, watching movies, fires.
22.00 second supper
22.30 evening toilet
23.00 lights-out
Dates of arrival to children’s health-improving camp:
Autumn holidays- from 04.11.09 to 14.11.09
Winter holidays- from 27.12.09 to 10.01.10
Cost per one child - 75000 tenge
Our address: Zheltoksan 118, office 224 ug.Tole-Bi
Tel: 3288722, 2721210, 2509144, 3271656,


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