The History of Kazakhstan

The state awards of the republic of Kazakhstan.

In token confession the citizens of republic of Kazakhstan for their contribution before republic, for seminal state, public, creative activity, labor and military feats are rewarded state awards. State awards can be also reward to foreigners and person without citizenship, having their contributions before republic of Kazakhstan. The presentation of state awards is realized by president of the republic of Kazakhstan. (From the law of the republic of Kazakhstan “About state awards of the republic of Kazakhstan” from December 12 1995 № 2676).


The modern Kazakhstani system of the state awards allows fittingly note the contributions country’s citizens and its foreign friends and partners. This system is an integral attribute of the new statehood and the independence of the republic of Kazakhstan, it is a component part of the most important symbols of our country, in the same level as our Emblem, Flag and Hymn.

On multiple requests of the readers ‘World Discovery Kazakhstan’ magazine newly returns to unique material about the state awards of the country. With the permition of the Chairman of the Federal reserve bank of the RK our editing has got the most rarely possibility to visit the shop of the Kazakhstan mint of the city of Mouth-Kamenogorsk. This article became the result of this trip.


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