Sightseeings of Astana city

Complex « Astana – Baiterek »

The unique construction is a symbol of Astana. The viewing platform is located at the height of 97 meters, and from the height of the bird's flight you can see the panorama of building of a new capital of Kazakhstan.

Entertaining center "Duman" - dome space, an oceanarium and cinema hall.

In a dome hall you will see: Mausoleum H.A.Yassaui, the Chinese Great Wall, Halikarrnas Mausoleum, Statue of Liberty and many other things. In the unique aquatheatre it is possible to observe interesting sea show, to see floating sharks. The power of a sound and special glasses in the hall allow spectators to feel themselves in the center of the events occurring on the screen.

Museum of the Presidential Center of Culture.

The exhibits of the museum cover the periods since the ancient times of appearance and development of Kazakh khans up to the sovereign Kazakhstan. Archeological gallery, a hall of gold and precious metals in which the Gold Man is kept cause the special interest.

Ethno-memorial complex “Atameken” the map of Kazakhstan”

Represents an open-air museum where the breadboard models of the basic objects of 14 regions of Kazakhstan and the cities of Almaty and Astana are submitted, carried out in a miniature. The map is open from May till October.

The singing fountains alley.

The wide alley cuts the left river-bank into two parts. The object is extremely difficult. The parkway represents a three-level gallery type construction consisting of two pavilions, glass transition-passes, open galleries, green lawns, colorful sidewalks and huge bowls with musical fountains.


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