To Galapagos with "Galasam"

Why people chose to visit the wonders of Galapagos with Galasam.

Our vessels were specifically designed for crusing and exploring the Galapagos islands, with the comfort and safety of the passengers in mind. Our yachts accommodating eight to sixteen passengers are perfectly suited for the islands of the Galapagos and allow the yachts to anchor closer to the landings areas, thereby permitting more time for exploration.

We offer a range of accomodations from economy class to the budget - minded or student - traveler, to the first class and luxury yachts for those seeking additional comforts.

Our crew are "Galapagueños". Many of our captains and the crew members were born and raised in the islands of the Galapagos. They thoroughly know the area and are well prepared to show you the islands "Like a native".

Each yacht has on board a multi-lingual naturalist guide who has completed a rigorous training program at the Darwin Station. Most of our guides are natives of the islands and enjoy acquanting our passengers with the wonders of the archipielago.

Leave your watch at home! As our yachts carry a smaller number of passenger, we enjoy a more flexible schedule than the larger vessels


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