Menu coffee breaks

NamePrice in Tenge
Standard coffee break. Tea and coffee, an assortment of cookies2000
Special coffee break. Tea and coffee, an assortment of pastries, juices2400
Italian coffee break. Chayi coffee, espresso, cappuccino, Italian pastries, pizza and tiramisu5000
National. Coffee and tea, mare's milk, shubat, Kurt, irimchik, baursaks, sandwich kazi, chak-chak5000
Healthy Coffee Break. Fresh seasonal fruits. Mixed crunchy vegetables Crude with cheese sauce. Smoothies. Chilled smoothie with banana, yogurt and honey Smoothies mango, carrot cake with cinnamon compote of mixed dried fruit with a spicy syrup Area of freshly squeezed juices: Apple, carrot and ginger juice, Fresh juice from orange and grapefruit. PecheneShokoladnoe cookies, oatmeal cookies and peanut cookies. Hot drinks. Coffee and tea5000
Fruit coffee break. Advanced selection of fruit teas and svezhyvyzhatyh juices, fruit cutting, fruit yogurt, fruit cake, Danish pastries, fruit and honey, cookies5000


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