Dishes with beef

Mix-grill with veal, mutton , chicken ( garnished with mix salad and sauce BBQ)1650
Beef medallions (Mexican rice under balsamic sauce)1650
Scottish beef edges (with grilled vegetables and demi-glaze sauce)1650
Phahitos (filleted beef or chicken, onion, pepper, cheese, sesame oil, it is served with tartilio cake, sauce “salsa” and sour cream)1700
Beef pieces with field mushrooms (garnished with potatoes)1450
Filleted beef with mushrooms1600
Thai meat1700
Beef undercut with potato mush and truffles2400

Dishes with mutton

Lamb shank ( garnished with rice and sharp sauce "Louisiana")1700
Arabian mutton (edges in spicy sauce with potatoes)1300
Mutton pieces "Chile" (served with spicy tomato sauce, it is garnished with rice)1300
Mutton (with vegetables and baked potatoes)1300
Kare of lamb with ratatuy2200

Dishes with pork

Pork trotters (garnished with stewed sauerkraut and sauce BBQ)2000

Dishes with chicken

Chicken steak (garnished with French-fried potatoes and marinade sauce)1100
Chicken fillet in creamy-mushroom sauce (garnished by vegetables and phetuchino noodles)1300
Chicken chest in creamy-cheese sauce (served with cauliflower in a batter)1350
Mexican chicken (chicken fillet with vegetables in a sharp sause with potato lobules)1300
Chicken in garlic sauce with grilled vegetables1200
Viennese chicken (chicken fillet, baked with potatoes under Cheddar cheese)1100

Dishes with fish

Trout in a foil
(garnished with cauliflower in a batter with fennel sauce)
Zander with cheeseСудак под сыром
(with potatoes, field mushrooms and “Bavarian cream” sauce)
Salmon pieces with orange segments
(garnished with rice)
Flitch with fennel- grill3500

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